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Kramer Ship Repair & Engineering Workshop is located in the heart of the Zaan area, and within very short distance of Amsterdam. Our ship repair yard and engineering workshop has over 95 years of experience with the most diverse work on vocational and recreational craft.

We are specialized in dock work, metalwork, carvings, installations, maintenance and repair of engines, propellers, rudders and steering gears. We also offer a wide range of parts and accessories for classic marine engines. We even have access to the largest stock of Kromhout parts in Europe.



We can help you with professional repair, overhaul and reconstruction of hulls and mechanics. Our stem/stern dock...



Our repair yard includes, inter alia, the following facilities: Stem/stern dock 26m X 10.30m with a carrying...


Kramer Ship Repair & Engineering Workshop offers a wide range of classic marine engines, gearboxes and components....